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How do you survive when everything you believed about the world is turned upside down?

In 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, testosterone-fueled fighter pilots take off from Udorn Air Base in Thailand on sorties over dangerous targets in North Vietnam.

Some come back, many do not.

Into this fog of war enters Captain Pilato, a starry-eyed idealist, assigned to manage the officers' club. The fighter pilots christen the officers' club "Angel's Truck Stop", which becomes the backdrop for the conflicts, challenges, and choices she encounters. It reveals a woman's struggle to fit into a man's world.

As the realities of war erode her ideals, she realizes the future doesn't hold the certainties it once did. Angel's Truck Stop is hilarious and at times, heart-wrenching.

This memoir keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end.



VIDEO - View the presentation by Colonel Roger Locher, USAF - Updated 9/21/2014. Hear his courageous story of survival!

VIDEO: Watch Angel talk about the book on Channel 13 WHAM:


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